What is Happenning to Solar Industry

2013 is not proving good to Solar. Many of the top solar companies have either shunt down their operations are taken heavy cut in their production output. Latest additions are

1) China’s SunTech Power

2) Bosch’s AG, Germany

Well SunTech declared bankruptcy and Bosch decided to shutdown their solar operations. This is as recent as last week.

Earlier this year, Saton, Solyendra filed their Chapter 11 causing a major blow to the investor confidence in the solar sector.

First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR), one of the world’s largest solar companies is down by 90.5% from its all time peak.

For some reason there is no consolidation of solar companies, if some companies consolidated then it would have been better for the industry.

On top of all this US is accusing India in WTO for Local clause.

What is Leadership ?

Leadership in organization is one of those things which is often not well understood. I have never understood the full extent of leadership until now. Leadership is one of those things which guides the company at hard times. As a leader once cannot lose confidence at any-time period. That too when the company is not doing so well.

Companies often go through ups and downs all the time, but it does not mean one has to get demotivated, particularly top leader. Amplifying the negative energy by the top person will cause so much damage that company may not survive another spring. Even in the worst of the worst times Leaders should act and be confident.

The best thing as a leader can do when the company is going through tough times is to communicate to the team and accept the facts. Staying silent and doing a blame game would not alter the consequences of the past.

Indian Manufacturing

India has so much workforce and young engineers all working in software field. I still wonder why can’t we develop products in India ?

Most of the Indian manufacturing companies like HCL, Micromax import components from China. There needs to be more entrepreneurial activity happening in India in manufacturing space to build innovative products.

Connecting the dots in Indian Entrepreneurship

I recently read “Connecting the dots” by Rashmi Bansal and it has excellent examples of ordinary people making extra-ordinary success. These kind of books keeps up the hope in the Indian economy and entrepreneurial opportunities. kudos to Rashmi for gathering the real life stories.

By the way the book is rather bland and shallow in writing, only the examples are rather inspiring. I wish she could have done little more research and in-depth study about these entrepreneurs. But all in all I enjoyed the read and would recommend it to my friends.

Rising Entrepreneurs of NIT Surat

Yesterday was great day. Weather was nice and I had a pleasant surprise from my good old pal Raghuram. He had invited two other guys and they were entrepreneurs and have stumbled upon an idea to found a company. Myself and Raghu were little early as the cafe coffee day, where we planned the meet, was close by my house.Initially I though he was going to introduce me to some unknown people. After chatting for a while he revealed me that I know them personally. That made me jump on my chair and we started playing dumbsy ( a guesswork game). That brought my memory back to my NIT Surat times and I was thrilled meet the chaps. Further revelations bought me close to the point that they are our batch-mates and jumping on my feet by the time I guessed the first person, it was good old Sangeeth and by the time I came close to guess the second person they already came it and it was our humble Satish Cheekala.

It was such a sheer joy to meet my fellow NITians and talk and discuss their dream. It is fun to talk to these chaps and happy that NITians are moving in the right path. They are onto creating a unique doctor-patient online relationship which is going to be the next big thing in healthcare domain.

I wish them luck and happy that they are taking the right step in their life.